High quality software development

High quality software development

Thanks to our architecturally intelligent and highly flexible modular software components, as well as our constant urge to automate any manual recurring work steps. Let us save a lot of time that we put into quality assurance and as a result can always keep the quality of our components at the highest level.

With our fully automatic Continuos Integration (CI) / Continuos Delivery (CD) pipeline, all changes to the source code are recognized, the tests started and then delivered according to their use, which in turn allows us to concentrate fully on writing source code and improving our components.

Do you need individual software to optimize your internal processes, a web portal to connect your customers / users, a web service for automatic processing of your data, a desktop application as a front end for existing web services? Whatever it is, we are your competent and reliable partner and accompany you through the entire project.

Individual software

Finished software solutions often do not fit the established processes in the company and the processes would have to be adapted to the software. In addition to the time involved, there is also the uncertainty as to whether the software will retain its functional scope in the future or whether it will be changed to the disadvantage of its own processes.

With individual software, the software is adapted to your processes and can be further refined and expanded at any time. This avoids the disadvantages of a finished software solution and saves not only money but also nerves in the long run.

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Web portals

Web portals are the perfect way to connect customers / users to your business. With a well thought-out and intuitive UI, you can integrate your customers / users into your processes without having to explain them to the customer / user. The internal bureaucratic effort can thus be significantly reduced.

As standard, our portals are equipped with a responsive UI (Mobile First) that is connected to the backend via a REST / web socket interface. Optionally, the frontend can also be implemented as a "progressive web app". This means that nothing stands in the way of mobile use of the portal.

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Backend / Web services

With backend / web services you can make your data available via an API (Application Programming Interface) without generating further dependencies. An existing frontend, a mobile app, or a partner company can then via z. B. REST, SOAP or Sockets / WebSockets can be connected relatively easily.

We not only create the services for you, we are also happy to take over the migration of the existing software components.

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Desktop applications

There are countless use cases for desktop applications, from "small helper tools" to "complex applications" for internal processes. These can also be connected to portals or web services via appropriate interfaces.

We use JavaFX for platform-independent applications, and C # for Windows applications. Our modular and reusable approach can be found in all of our applications.

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