SPHW SoftwareRegistry

A service for easily managing installation programs.

Manage your installers

The SPHW SoftwareRegistry is a REST web service that manages installation programs and gives users easy access to them.

The installation programs (installers) are organized internally via software, versions and installers in a 1: n: n relationship, i. H. software can have multiple versions and each version can have multiple installers assigned to it. Each of these areas has corresponding endpoints that can be used to create, modify, or delete them.

Decoupling of the systems

The SPHW SoftwareRegistry enables systems such as B. CI / CD, your website and the actual software (update process) remain completely separate from each other, which means fewer dependencies and thus the individual systems are easier to replace and maintain.

All systems do only access a central system via one interface. Even if at some point you want to exchange this central system for another, all you have to do is implement the interface and everything else remains as it is.

In-build Admin UI

The SPHW SoftwareRegistry has a minimalistic but complete admin UI with which you can use all functions and get started productively immediately.

The Admin UI can be completely deactivated as required or, since it only uses the service interface, can be completely replaced by your own at any time.

We would be happy to adapt the Admin UI to your needs or build a separate one for you. Please send us an inquiry using our contact form


The SPHW SoftwareRegistry is a resource server in the sense of OAuth 2.0 and therefore does not have its own user management. Authorization takes place via a bearer token issued by an external identity provider.

You are completely free to choose whether you want to use your own provider only for the software registry or reuse an existing one and set up a single sign-on (SSO) with your existing users.

There are 3 scopes (swreg:read, swreg:write, swreg:remove) with which the respective functions can be used.