SPHW LogViewer - Real-Time Monitoring

A free platform-independent tool for monitoring log files in real time.

Automatic scrolling

This function ensures that the SPHW LogViewer always scrolls automatically to the end of the file, like tail -f under Linux. So you always have an overview of the entries that are added.

If you scroll up manually, the function deactivates automatically, if you scroll all the way down you reactivate yourself.

Clear function

With this function it is possible to delete the entries from the SPHW LogViewer and to monitor them again from the last line. This makes it easy to see which entries have been added from a certain point in time.

This does not delete the log file itself, only the display in the SPHW LogViewer. The entire log file can be displayed again with the "Reset 'Clear'" button.

Configurable highlighting

Lines that contain certain strings can be highlighted. The SPHW LogViewer also supports the search with respect to upper and lower case as well as regular expressions.

The text as well as the background color are completely customizable, using a color selector. The order of the entries determines the prioritization when coloring the lines.

The entries can be grouped and simply applied to a log file via a selection in the toolbar.

Search function

You can use the search function to filter out lines that contain certain strings; all other lines are hidden. The filtering is in real time, so newly added entries are only displayed if the search criteria for this line are met.

The SPHW LogViewer also supports regular expressions in the search and observance of upper and lower case. If a regular expression is not formulated correctly, this is indicated by a red text box.

Multiple files at the same time

Monitor multiple files at the same time using tabs. Using the 'Open Recent File' menu item, previously opened files can easily be opened and monitored as a new tab.

The SPHW LogViewer supports a string array as a transfer parameter, so paths to files can be transferred to it when it is called, which it then opens in a separate tab.

Color Scheme

The SPHW LogViewer has a dark and a light color scheme.

This can be easily set in the settings depending on your preference.

Coming soon!
By downloading and using the SPHW LogViewer you agree to the license terms.