About us

Company overview

SoftpageHomeware is a software company based in Munich and has been successfully developing individual software solutions for various industries and application areas since 2007.

As a consulting and technology service provider, we specialize in complex business applications. We have made it our mission to develop high-quality software that is easy to maintain and expand. Taking your wishes into account, we create an individual software that supports you exactly where you need it.


Software must offer the user added value, must be intuitive and can also be operated without extensive documentation. Complex as well as monotonous work must be reduced to a minimum, so that the user has more time for tasks that a machine cannot do.

We want to achieve the best possible support with our software. Every complex as well as monotonous work step is packaged as efficient software. With an appropriate user interface, the work is then done on its own.


Adjustments and extensions are not uncommon with custom software, so that the software can be adapted and expanded economically in the future, we attach great importance to sustainability.

We communicate openly and honestly, transparency is crucial for the success of a software project.


Processes have to be adjusted regularly these days because they are subject to constant change. For this to work smoothly, the software must be able to meet these requirements.

With an appropriate architecture and a modular approach, we build sustainable software that is easy to maintain and expand.


With us you have a competent and reliable partner who spares no effort to achieve the optimum. We face all complex challenges and always find a solution.

We analyze existing processes and show potential optimizations in order to increase process efficiency. We always take into account the economic and strategic goals of our customers.