Your Software Specialists

We create customized software for your business so you can take care of the essentials of your business.

Together to the successful project completion!

We have been developing high-quality individual software for our customers since 2007. We are convinced that we can also build the perfect software for you.

The success of new business models is almost exclusively connected with software today. The correct use of individual software is a decisive competitive advantage.

Software development made to measure

We develop your individual software and additionally offer you the following services.

  • New development of individual software at a fixed price and according to effort
  • Takeover of existing software (improvement, modernization)
  • Requirements management
  • Quality assurance
  • Feasibility studies (proof of concept)
  • Support with the introduction and maintenance of the software we have created

Software "Made in Germany"

We produce and develop our components and software exclusively in Germany by our own employees and by a small group of carefully selected freelancers.

We achieve our competitive advantage through architecturally intelligent and highly flexible modular software components, as well as the automation of recurring work steps. With this approach, we not only save time but are also able to put the individual components through their paces and thus keep the quality at the highest level.

More profit with individual software!

Individual software is a safe investment in the future of your company. Every single euro goes into program functions that you really need and will save you a lot of time. Sources of error are minimized, which means that you can set yourself apart from your competition in terms of both time and quality.

You receive our software with an unlimited number of licenses and an unlimited period of use.

We also offer maintenance and service contracts that ensure that your software is always developed and improved.